REX-001 study treatment

What is REX-001?

REX-001 is a cell therapy that is prepared using the patient’s own bone marrow cells. The bone marrow cells will be collected from the pelvic bone. This will be done under local or general anaesthesia.

After collection, the bone marrow cells will be shipped to one of two manufacturing facilities. At the manufacturing facility, cells that are expected to improve existing blood vessels and stimulate the formation of new blood vessels will be selected, resulting in REX-001.

The manufacturing site will ship the REX-001 cell therapy back to the hospital. At the hospital, the patient will receive the cells in a blood vessel around the knee. REX-001 is administered through a thin line which is inserted into a vessel in the groin or arm of the patient. The patient will receive the cells through the line into a blood vessel around the knee. Patients will only be treated once with REX-001.

How does REX-001 work?

REX-001 contains a high concentration of cells that are important for forming new blood vessels and strengthening existing blood vessels.

By administering REX-001 close to the area in the leg where the vessels are blocked, the cells in REX-001 are expected to improve the network of existing blood vessels and initiate growth of new blood vessels to circumvent the narrowed blood vessel.

It has been shown in previous clinical studies that the blood flow to the foot and toes can potentially be restored in weeks to months, resulting in resolution of the rest pain and healing of ulcers.